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Hey guys!

So one of the things I have done lately is to grab a new camera.  My old camera was a Sony DSC-H50.  My old camera I got - I don’t know, five years ago?  Somewhere around there? It had 15x zoom and 9.1MP.

Today, I went out and bought myself a new camera.  I rarely make large purchases because of my income and background, but after the last few months,  I feel like I deserve it, and since my school funds came in, well, why the hell not?  I’m going to California in ten days, and then there’s London in June, and the wedding in October. 

The new camera I bought was this Sony Cybershot.  It features a 30x zoom, and 18.2MP - essentially, it’s twice the features of my old camera.  It has thrice the settings of my old camera, and the view screen is much larger.  It takes HD video, as well as 3D pictures.

Because of the sale Best Buy was having, I snatched up a 16GB memory card for only $20.  This memory card will hold 2,500 1080p HD images.

Regardless, I’m already in love with this camera and the clarity of images.  So, if I start posting a lot of photos, I’m sorry!  My photos tag will be ‘NixPix’ so feel free to block that if you don’t care to see my cats or sunsets or whatnot.

Also: sorry about my face.  I’m getting a haircut on the 26th and getting my eyebrows done tomorrow.  I haven’t had a haircut since October, so my red hair has grown out and now my dark blond is back,

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